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Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman is based in Sherman Oaks, California. We specialize in providing mediation and collaborative law services for family law matters. The Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman has demonstrated a commitment to helping clients and their families move through the divorce process with privacy, professionalism and dignity.

Why People Choose Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman

Best Opportunity
Divorce can be very difficult, financially, emotionally, and psychologically. Absent utilizing the proper professionals, a divorce can consume your resources. Resources such as your money, time and availability to loved ones will be depleted if you do not avail yourself of sound professional guidance. From legal issues, concerns about the children, property and financial questions, to your emotional well-being, Kevin J. Chroman, Esq. is there to help you navigate the divorce process in a manner that gives you the best opportunity to move through to a resolution.

Moving on from any broken relationship can be difficult, but sometimes it is even harder to do that when the divorce process itself aggravates the pain. People considering divorce typically have only one reference for the process, litigation. Or, in other words, going to court. Though this process can be effective for certain cases, most cases can be resolved confidentially, without the need to go to court at all. 

More and more divorces are being managed through mediation and collaborative processes. People often find more comfort in resolving their issues privately, as opposed to expressing their feelings and issues in an open-court forum. Kevin Chroman, Esq. can make sure that your divorce process is discrete and confidential. 

If you are looking to minimize the emotional and financial strain that often accompanies divorce and other family conflicts, consider mediation or collaborative law. Mediation and collaborative law each offer a non-adversarial approach which enables the parties to determine the agreements of their divorce. Rather than have a judge dictate their future, mediation and collaborative law enables people’s decision-making, heals misunderstandings and honors relationships. No matter which process one chooses, The Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman will work diligently to provide you with results that meet your goals. 

At the Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman, confidentiality, efficiency, and your satisfaction are our top priorities. When you choose Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman, you know you’re getting a lawyer that will act on your behalf, honestly, assertively and competently.

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